Mar 16, 2015
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A Room with a View: Hotels at Great Heights

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While some panoramas can easily be labeled as breathtaking, there are others that simply take your breath away.

Whether you are traveling and vacationing domestically or internationally, nothing is more spectacular than having a hotel room with a view, especially when it is situated at higher than normal elevations. While some panoramas can easily be labeled as breathtaking, there are others that simply take your breath away. Actually, the latter may leave you gasping for breath because of the elevation that the following 5 hotel destinations are sitting at.

High altitude hotels in Austria at Cimaross Peak.

Perched atop the Cimaross Peak, view the glaciers and over 60 Alpine peaks. One of the most beautiful hotels of Europe.

Adler Lounge, Kals am Großglockner, Austria – (elev. 8,599 ft.) – you’ll have views of 60 or so mountains that are 10,000+ feet high from this amazing hotel that is perched atop Cimaross Peak. The structure is oftentimes described as an architectural blend of European tradition, floor-to-ceiling glass, and present-day minimalism. Beautiful views of snowy horizons, verdant wilderness and serenity are the USP of the hotel.

Amankora Gangtey, Gangtey, Bhutan (9,843 ft.) – Bhutan is a very unique country in that it measures “Gross National Happiness” instead of GNP like we do in the US. Not only is this constitutional monarchy the last Buddhist Kingdom in the Himalayas, you’ll be able to relax in this amazing luxury resort after the harrowing 6-hours you experience from the airport. Plus you’ll have views of the Gangtey Goemba monastery and the Phobjikha Valley below.

Berghotels Grawand, Schnalstal, Italy (10,538 ft.) – being precariously perched atop a glacier and nestled among numerous hills measuring 10,000 feet or higher is just the beginning of your adventure here. A gondola ride is the only access to this facility and skiing training grounds. But it’s all worth it considering the views of Lake Garda far off in the distance.

Luxury hotel, Far View Lodge in Mesa Verde National Park.

Old world charm at high altitude. Luxurious hotel, set amidst the Pueblo Indian cliff dwellings and wilderness. Have the sky as your neighbor, at the Far View Lodge in Mesa Verde National Park.

Far View Lodge, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado (elev. 8,000 ft.) – with literally hundreds of Pueblo Indian cliff dwellings (c. 600AD) and 4,700 archeological sites to explore, you’ll quickly see why Mesa Verde National Park is such a popular destination. Not only is this the largest preserve of its type, there are views of the 4-corners states of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. Additionally, Far View Lodge is the only lodging facility on park grounds.

Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge, Peru (elev. 7,710 ft.) – nobody in their right mind is going to hike up the Inca Trail for 5 straight days (or ride the bus for that matter) to the 15th century ruins only to turn around and head after seeing them. You could take your time and enjoy views of Machu Picchu directly across from you at this lodging facility. In addition to some very unique views of the Inca ruins, you’ll take in some amazing vistas across the Urubamba Valley.

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