Apr 13, 2015
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How to Book Last Minute Deals

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Here are 5 helpful tips for nailing down one of those last minute bargains that you always hear about in TV ads.

Sometimes, we just get to a point in our everyday lives where we need to de-stress and leave the hectic work schedule behind. If the day in and day out drudgery has gotten the better of you lately, maybe it’s time to release the traveler that’s been trapped inside you. Flying by the seat of your pants where this is concerned may just prove to be a welcome relief in the long run. So here are 5 helpful tips for nailing down one of those last minute bargains that you always hear about in TV ads.

Be flexible – when airlines need to fill seats and hotels need to fill rooms, that’s when you are the most likely to find a last-minute deal. So if you’re flexible enough and a travel agenda is not a priority, take advantage of it. It might mean that you will have to travel during the week,earlier or later in the day, on an indirect flight, or traveling during the off-season. However, you’re going to save money doing by being flexible.

Check out websites that specialize in last-minute deals – there are a number of websites such as Fly.com, LastMinute.com, TravelZoo.com, and VacationstoGo.com that can save you as much as 70% on the deals they are offering.

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It may sound like a contradiction, but plan things out in advance – savvy travelers keep up with deals and sign up for e-mails and newsletters from airlines, credit card companies, hotels, and travel planning sites. They also avoid traveling during major events and peak seasons when prices are typically higher.

Move quickly but stay focused – as soon as you see an amazing deal, book it immediately! It could be snatched up in a matter of a few minutes if you don’t act quickly. Always make sure that you read that fine print so you completely understand what type of a value you are really getting for the money you pay. Remember act fast, but stay alert at all times.


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Timing is everything when it comes to saving money – for the most part, the majority of the hotels out there has some kind of deal going at different times throughout the year. Some of them may only run for a couple of weeks while others may last through the season. But there’s no point in booking one of these deals if you don’t get a deal with one of the airlines.

Now that you are aware of the deals and discount that you can avail to make your trip even more affordable, it is time to plan a trip. Now you can travel and still save more for other expenses. From staying at hostels and B&B to getting last minute flights at discounts, it is time to pack your bags.

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