Apr 10, 2015
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Tripit makes Travel Hassle-Free

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Tripit apps for hassle free trip. Make quick plans, store it. Stay organized

Tripit apps for hassle free trip.

It goes without saying that no one’s life is entirely hassle or stress-free. But even though this is just a part of life, that doesn’t mean that you have to endure this when you are planning your next holiday trip or vacation.

And you sure don’t want that hassle and stress packed with your luggage and ruining what is hopefully a trip filled with memories that you can enjoy for many years to come. For many individuals, the secret to a great vacation lies in the planning. But what do you do? Where do you start?

What is Tripit?

Well, for those of you who love to travel domestically, internationally, or both, the latest innovation in travel organization apps for your phone is here and it’s called “Tripit.” For many travelers, this mobile app is the “next big thing” because it automatically develops a master itinerary for holiday and vacation travel. As a result, you can access all of your plans anytime, anywhere, and on any type of mobile device. If you haven’t been introduced to Tripit of Tripit Pro before, you may be wondering just what the big deal is all about.

How does Tripit work?

Aren’t there other travel applications that do the same thing and work just as well? Well, it’s possible. But we don’t think so. However, before we compare Tripit to several other mobile travel organizing apps, let’s take a look at what it can do for you whenever you are on the go. With Tripit, you can:

  • get flight alerts in real-time
  • insure that you get the right seat as well as one you want
  • organize your travel plans in one place
  • quickly find alternate flights should yours be cancelled, delayed, or overbooked

Basically, you do the booking and Tripit ensures that pretty much everything else is handled. But there’s more to this. There are three tasks that this great little app can perform:

  • Access your holiday or vacation travel plans no matter where you areyour travel itinerary is readily accessible anytime of the day or night. You can view it whenever you choose, even if you’re not online.
  • Forward all of your confirmation e-mailswhether it’s car rentals, flights, hotels, restaurants, or any other type of reservation confirmation, Tripit has you got covered. You simply forward all of your confirmation e-mails directly to plans@tripit.com and that’s all there is to it.
  • Your master itinerary is automatically created for you – once your confirmation e-mails have been forwarded (see above), Tripit will automatically transform them into your travel itinerary for you. Every one of your plans is saved in a single location, which makes them readily accessible whenever you need them.

Planning your holiday trip or vacation has never been easier. It’s just that simple. Once you have Tripit downloaded, it’s a simple matter or waiting to receive your confirmation e-mails.

Key Features of Tripit and Tripit Pro

One of the best aspects about Tripit is that it is available in two versions – FREE and Tripit pro which is billed at $49.08 annually (that’s only $4.09 monthly for all of the key features listed below). Read on to find out how the two compare.

Tripit FREE version:

  • Access Tripit FREE on your smartphone or tablet
  • Adding or editing travel plans can be done manually
  • Share your travel plans with select individuals
  • Travel plans are all organized in one location
  • Travel plans can be synced onto your calendar

Tripit Pro includes every feature that Tripit does above PLUS:

  • Alternate flights can be found whenever necessary
  • Automatically share your travel plans with your inner circle of family members and friends
  • Informs you when better airline seats are available
  • NO advertisements to annoy you
  • Notifies you of fare refunds when they occur
  • Receive flight alerts in real-time
  • Reward program points can all be tracked in one place
  • VIP travel benefits will save you additional money

Before you make your decision between these two versions, you should keep in mind that you can try Tripit Pro for 30 days at no charge.

Comparative Reviews

So how does Tripit compare with other similar travel organization apps? Granted, you cannot do much to change a multi-hour ride in your vehicle or those long lines at the airport. But you can reduce your travel stress dramatically with this type of mobile app. In recent studies that were conducted by CNet, the New York Times, PC Magazine, PC World, and TripAdvisor.com, Tripit and Tripit pro were the clear favorites among other travel organizer apps:

  • #2 Kayak – a relatively simple app service but with a complex yet interesting interface. Were it not for the fact that Tripit was the overall favorite, Kayak may well have stolen the top spot.
  • #5 Tripomatic City Guide – although this app employs an easy interface to make itinerary management easier, the visual treat that Tripomatic provides is oftentimes spoiled by how congested things can get on your screen. On a positive note, having that much information about your destination could be a good thing.
  • #3 TripCase – this particular app is relatively helpful when it comes to accommodation reservations, flight information, vehicle rentals, and other confirmations. Although TripCase is easy to integrate with Travelocity, integration may be difficult with other similar sites. It can track most aspects of your travel plans. Unfortunately, it will not track as many as Tripit or even Kayak.
  • #4 WorldMate – the key feature of this app is that it can show you savings on flights and hotels. You can book, cancel, or update ticket reservations fairly easily, but its lack of other important features (that Tripithas) drops it to 4th place on this list of travel organizer apps.
  • #1 Tripit – the power of this travel organization tool is attributed to its simplicity and the fact that it is the most versatile of the 5 apps on our list. Its most notable feature? Your family members and friends will always know what you are up to and where you are because of the ability to share your itinerary with them.

So whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you can easily have your entire itinerary lined out with Tripit or Tripit pro. Although the other travel organizer apps above have their merits, Tripit, and especially Tripit pro is going to be the best value for the money.

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