Aug 27, 2014
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TreeHouse Point – A Charming Gateway to Paradise

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The TreeHouse Point is a perfect example of why Seattle is called the Emerald City. The lush greenery and the tranquil environment make it a perfect get away from the monotony of everyday city life. At just a 30 minute drive from Seattle, the TreeHouse Point is a luxury Bed &Bath where you can enjoy a trip for two as well as hold family gatherings or events.

Owned by Pete & Judy Nelson, the place was designed and crafted by Pete himself to give it the luxurious yet cozy aura that immediately makes you feel at home. TreeHouse Point is definitely the place to be if you want a getaway that offers luxury in a rustic setting, and lets you experience the outdoors in all its glory.
The Resort

The Resort

The TreeHouse Point is situated alongside a river and surrounded by fern trees. It gives you a perfect chance to reconnect with the nature and rejuvenate your senses. The property itself constitutes of The Main Lodge, a Pond Room and 6 separate Tree houses. Temple of the Blue Moon was the first of the six, and was named using lines from the Parthenon. The other five are named Bonbibi, Burl, Nest, Trillium and Upper Pond.

Each tree house incorporates some aspects that are specific to it, adding individuality to the mix. A suspension bridge leads to the Temple of the Blue Moon, giving it a romantic feel. The Trillium has walls that mostly comprise of windows, making for a great view. The Upper Pond is situated right above the picturesque Pond. The Bonbibi has a spiraling staircase leading up to it that is made entirely out of wood. The Nest is the smallest of all yet has a balcony and a large window that makes up for the relatively close quarters.

Each of the tree houses is weatherproof, heated and electrified, complete with comfy beds, chairs, tables, etc. The Main Lodge holds the library, the Central Dining Area and the shared Restrooms. It also has rooms where people can stay. The Pond Room gives a beautiful view of the Pond above where you can sit and relax without a worry in the world!


The Scenery

The Scenery

The lodging is perfect in terms of giving you a breathtaking view of the beautiful forest and letting you explore it as well. At night, you can sleep to the sound of the flowing river and rustling trees. During the day, you can go for hikes and explore the grounds.


The Staff & Service

TreeHouse Point has an exceedingly friendly staff, the likes of which you would be hard-pressed to encounter in most places. They are truly dedicated to their jobs and make sure your stay is a pleasant one. The included breakfast which usually consists of eggs, fruit, yogurt and home-made pastries along with tea/coffee are tasty and give you a welcoming feel after your long night’s sleep.

You are also offered Yoga lessons in the Pond Room which gives a scenic view while you breathe in the fresh air and stretch your muscles.


Overall Take

The place gives you the perfect opportunity to refresh your mind and connect with nature. Although the place is heated sufficiently and provides extra blankets, it is better to pack warm clothes for your trip as it is situated in a forest and it might get chilly. The rates for one night stay are a tad on the higher side, but it more than pays off in terms of the overall experience at the retreat.