Aug 12, 2014
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Foot of the ‘Falls: Villa Escudero’s Labasin Waterfall Restaurant

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A little piece of cultural integrity and identity in the midst of global industrialization, the Waterfall Restaurant is perhaps the only place in the entire world that allows its guests to enjoy their meals while getting up close and personal with a thundering live waterfall. The restaurant, located at the foot of the Labasin Falls in the Villa Escudero Resort of San Pablo City, Philippines, offers a glimpse of true Philippine heritage and culture.

As part of a resort that provides a variety of accommodation options to suit all individual travel needs, the Waterfall Restaurant’s unique dining experience only serves to make the trip more memorable.

Waterfall Restaurant

Waterfalls are visually stunning, but rarely, if ever do you get to observe them up close. The Waterfall restaurant provides the opportunity to not only see them but also sit right beneath and enjoy a meal with the cool spring water lapping gently at your feet. The dining area of bamboo tables just a few inches from the actual waterfall give an excellent view of the whole site. Definitely a genuine Philippine culinary experience, freshly cooked food is served buffet style on leaf-covered tables. With all you can eat deal; you don’t have to worry about portions being too much or not enough.

The menu boasts authentic Philippine food with local dishes, such as Miswa soup, pancit canton, grilled pork liempo, lechon manok and a wide variety of fresh salad and grilled or steamed fish and vegetables and to top it off desserts like galapong, a rice and milk based Filipino delicacy, are served.

Certainly on the list of one of the unusual things to experience, a meal at the base of that crystal clear cascade is bound to be the most refreshing. If you are the adventurous sort and fancy a dip in the water or just want to cool off after all the excitement of the tour through the resort, you can sit or even lie against the wall of the waterfall and get a quick massage with the water rushing over you.

The Villa Escudero is a resort and former sugar plantation. Surrounded by lush green vegetation, mountains and coconut trees on all sides, there are many activities to choose from, from rafting to cycling the lands. You can even take a full day tour to explore the areas or just go for one of the excellent spa retreats offered to unwind.

A jungle side, bizarre restaurant is definitely the highlight of the whole resort. The Waterfall Restaurant makes for a true one-of-a-kind experience, giving you singularly remarkable memories.

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