Feb 25, 2015
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Paradise in the Polynesian Islands

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Nature’s beauty is resplendent with many emerald lagoons, rugged cliffs, and soaring volcanic peaks. The allure of the Polynesian islands is attributed to their remoteness.

One of the most popular tourist destinations surrounded by the Pacific Ocean is the 118-island collection of the French Republic more commonly known as French Polynesia. They are located roughly halfway between the US state of California and the Australian continent. Nature’s beauty is resplendent with many emerald lagoons, rugged cliffs, and soaring volcanic peaks. It is truly a tropical paradise where you can stay in stilted huts situated out over the water or in land-based bungalows along the pristine coastline. The allure of the Polynesian islands is attributed to their remoteness. In any case you won’t regret spending time here.

Bora Bora

Paradise in the Polynesian Islands

Scenic blue skies, lush foliage, and the backdrop of aquamarine sea. White sandy beaches, relax in the luxuries. These are just a few of the things to covet at the Bora Bora island resorts.

Located in Polynesia’s archipelago of the Society Islands is the volcanic island of Bora Bora. Whether you have vacation budget restrictions or you have the financial means to spend several days in the lap of luxury, there is something here for everyone who visits this island paradise. The island is a volcanic caldera, a cauldron-like feature that is oftentimes confused with a volcanic crater. However, the many islets protect the primary lagoon from the outer waters surrounding the island. Compared to the other French Polynesian islands, there are more activities available here.


Despite being the French Polynesian capital city, Pape’ete is definitely not metropolis by any stretch of the imagination. Although Western standards would describe this as a mid-sized town, it features a lively port, magnificent architecture, and plenty of friendly locals to visit with. We like to refer to this environment as being colorfully cluttered or chaotically compact. One way or the other you will find plenty of colorful neighborhoods, flea markets, gardens and parks, quaint villages, and street bazaars to explore.

For all intents and purposes, Pape’ete is the typical French and Polynesian center of government with an active industrial port. Feel the old world charm in the architecture and general ambience of the island.


Paradise in the Polynesian Islands

The islands created from lava are panoramic, with crystal clear waters, array of marine life and diverse tropical fauna. Luxury resorts dot the islands as tourists love the isolation.

Last, but most certainly not least, is the largest of the French Polynesian atolls and islands, namely Tahiti. Shaped like a turtle, the island is composed of two distinct mountain ranges that were created by the prolific volcanic activity that occurred in the region centuries ago. You will quickly discover that Tahiti, as well as her surrounding sister islands are by far and away the South Pacific’s most beautiful offerings. You will also find the locals to be very generous, kind, and respectful when receiving visitors throughout this island paradise. So don’t be surprised when random strangers greet you on the street as you are milling around. And if you are interested in history or traditional crafts, there are a host of places that would be of your interest.

Whether you want to relax at the beach or try adventure sports or maybe go on a hike in the verdant forest trails, there are all that and so much more. Luxury resorts and budget hotels cater to the increasing number of tourists every year.

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