Apr 10, 2015
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Best Airports to Spend a Long Layover

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Enjoying your time away is all about getting there in quick fashion. However, if you get stuck in layover mode, here are the best airports for tolerating this dilemma.

It goes without saying that traveling internationally by air is the most popular way to get to your destination in the least amount of time – unless a lengthy airport layover is involved. That experience alone can put a damper on any vacation, no matter how long you have anticipated your air travel, trip and how much you have looked forward to it. Enjoying your time away is all about getting there in quick fashion. However, should you get stuck in layover mode, the following are the best airports for tolerating this dilemma.

Changi Airport (Singapore) – if you’re a business traveler, this is the ideal facility for spending a long layover. Not only does it offer all of the amenities you could ever need on your business trip, there is a Balinese-themed pool on the airport roof and a butterfly garden. From kids to adults, there is plenty to do and see at this airport.

Super-luxurious Dubai airport with shopping malls, activity areas and restaurants.

Uber luxurious Dubai airport, one of the finest airports in the world. Perfect for short or long layovers, as there is a lot to do and see here.

Dubai International Airport (Dubai, UAE) – with a 24/7 fitness center featuring a pool and showers, a 58,000 square foot duty-free retail shop, and open-air gardens, who wouldn’t want to have a long layover in this facility? You can enjoy shopping and multi-cuisine restaurants.

Heathrow Airport (London, UK) – if you visit Terminal 5, you’ll find a large Harrod’s exhibit covering some 11,000 square feet. For some additional culture, there is also a sculpture gallery showcasing some of the finest works of the UK’s top up and coming artists. You won’t even notice how the time flies by and you are ready for your next flight.

Luxurious Hong Kong airport| Top airport in Asia for long layovers

Well-laid out Hong Kong airport has multi-cuisines restaurants, international shopping hubs and attentive staff.

Hong Kong International Airport (Hong Kong) – here you will find a broad range of restaurants to choose from, some of which are Michelin 5-star rated. Furthermore, if you need to spend the night, reserve a room at the Regal Airport Hotel (named Best Airport Hotel by Skytrax 2 years in a row).

Incheon Airport (Seoul, South Korea) – in addition to the standard traveler amenities, this airport features 7 separate gardens spread throughout the facility, an 18-hole miniature golf course, an ice skating rink, and movie theaters that feature Hollywood and Korean hit films.

Munich Airport (Munich, Germany) – it should come as no surprise that you can experience a taste of some of Germany’s finest beers at Airbräu, the airports cult brewery and pub. With sleep pods and spa available, layovers will be a breeze.

Schipol Amsterdam Airport (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) – the Rijksmuseum has a small branch at Amsterdam’s airport and features such Dutch masters as Ferdinand Bol and Jan Steen. Or you can spend time reading at the world’s first airport-based library.

Zurich Airport (Zurich, Switzerland) – with its recent renovations, Zurich’s airport now offers cellphone charging stations, exquisite chocolates from the Sprüngli Café, and rooms where you can take a shower and sleep.

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