Feb 13, 2015
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7 Massage Styles around the World

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One of the advantages of massage therapy is that there are so many different styles or international types to choose from. Check out some.

It has oftentimes been said that a good massage is like a great piece of chocolate. It’s very pleasurable, but it can also be extremely addictive. One of the advantages of massage therapy is that there are so many different styles or types to choose from. However, many types have their origins in overseas countries. Plus, each type comes with its own belief and philosophy. Here are 7 massage styles from around the world that you should consider when traveling.

Chinese Foot Reflexology Massage

If you really want to refresh and rejuvenate your feet, Chinese foot reflexology is the ideal massage therapy to consider. The Chinese believe that your entire body is reflected in the condition of your feet and that when you are getting a foot massage, you are getting a body massage in conjunction with it.

Hot Stone Massage

Heated stones were once a component of ancient Egyptian rituals as well as those of many Native American tribes. Larger stones are heated and placed on the back to heat the energy centers or chakras. Round, smaller stones are coated with aromatherapy oils and held in the palm of the hand and applied directly to the skin.

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage - 7 Massage Styles around the World

After the application of herbal oils, the head, neck and shoulders are massaged in rhythmic movements, to manipulate acupressure points. It is done to relieve stress, improve hair, and relax muscles and eyestrain.

This style of massage is based in the Ayurvedic system of healing and will make you feel as though all your stress has been melted away. Not only will it relax you, it will leave you feeling completely revived in the process. It is ideal for relieving tension in your arms, back, neck, and shoulders.

KaHuna Massage

The ancient Hawaiian therapy incorporates different dance movements that are used when performing this type of massage. The ancient healers performed this massage in observance of the “Frigate bird”, known for its endurance, intuition, and stamina. The technique is rhythmic and vigorous as the masseur synchronizes the use of palms, finger and wrists, leaving all the muscles relaxed. It is designed to relax the body, spirit and mind.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnant women love this style of massage, especially once they have entered their third trimester. There are many masseurs that specialize at prenatal massage. It is ideal for relieving cramps associated with stress and all types of muscle spasms.

Reiki Massage

Reiki massage - 7 Massage Styles around the World

The Reiki massage is non-invasive, non-manipulative and barely touches the patient. It is done through the Universal flow of energy that is channelized through the Reiki Master’s hands.

This renowned Japanese healing practice enables the individual to feel more connected to their life while bringing peace of mind to their body and spirit. Reiki along with hands-on aromatherapy massage is used to calm and soothe both body and spirit. It is the constant flow of energy that is focused on a specific part of the body, relaxing and rejuvenating it.

Russian Massage

Oftentimes considered the most deeply relaxing form of massage, this style is ideal for relieving stress and tension. The Russians have been using this type of massage therapy for over a century, so it’s obvious they know something.

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