Mar 15, 2015
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A Wondrous Sky: Destinations that will leave You Starry-Eyed

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Whether you’re planning your honeymoon with your fiancé (e) or just a romantic getaway with your spouse in order to rekindle the flames of love, the outcome will most likely be determined by the destination you choose for your time away. The following list of our top 7 destination choices will leave you and your significant other starry-eyed as well as filled with memories of love and romance that you will share for years to come.

our top 7 destination choices will leave you and your significant other starry-eyed as well as filled with memories of love and romance that you will share for years to come

Florence, Italy – if you spend the day exploring museums and then sip a glass or two of chianti at one of the Italian city’s many outdoor cafés, you can’t help but feel a bit amorous at this point. Besides that, nothing could be as romantic as watching a sunset from a balcony or hotel room in Florence, the world’s most romantic city.

Kauai, Hawaii – although it is still the 50th state’s least developed island, Kauai is still one of many romantic couples’ favorite spots for leaving the crowds behind and just relaxing at one of many naturally secluded beaches. Azure blue sea, isolated coves and white sand beaches are perfect to relax and spend some beautiful moments together.

Quebec City, Quebec – if you’re looking for a cozy, romantic winter getaway, this is definitely the ticket. No matter where you venture in this French-Canadian city, you’ll find plenty of romantic restaurants, snow-covered streets, and warming fireplaces to heighten the mood.

Santorini, Greece, panoramic white buildings against blue sea and sky.

Clear blue sky, emerald seas against the milky-white buildings at Santorini, Greece. Rocky shoreline with wide views of the sea, enjoy sunsets and sunrise, Greek cuisine and culture.

Santorini, Greece – this picture perfect destination is perfect for romantic couples. Imagine how you would feel sitting on your own private terrace, looking out over the blue waters of the Aegean Sea, and watching the sunset. The only thing that could be more perfect, and romantic, is if you and your significant other never had to return home.

Savannah, Georgia – if you only have a long weekend, one of Savannah’s charming bed and breakfasts might just be the answer. Enjoy a luxurious stay, late breakfast in bed and a day of leisure with your loved one. When you add the colonial atmosphere and restaurants that are neatly tucked away under Spanish moss covered canopies, it just says “romance” through and through.

Island paradise, Maldives. Getaway romantic Asian destination

Island paradise, Maldives. Getaway romantic Asian destination

St. Moritz, Switzerland – for the cosmopolitan couple, the “champagne” atmosphere of this renowned Swiss resort town is ideal for a romantic alpine experience. Finish off a perfect day of skiing snuggled up together on a ride by the lake in a horse-drawn carriage. Watch the sunset behind the Alps and end the day with a toast at the various pubs dotting the mountainside.

The Maldives – you’ll feel as though you have landed in your own private paradise as you spend your time basking on a pristine, private beach enjoying the crystal blue waters and then spending an intimate evening in your over-water bungalow. Look at the fishes go past the cottage, as you enjoy a drink with the blue azure waters in the background.

That was our list of romantic destinations. Where would you want to go? Let us know and we’ll bring in more information about the best places to stay, what to see and so much more.

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