Mar 16, 2015
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Tips for Booking Budget Air

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Get the best travel information out there, especially when it comes to giving our tips for booking budget airfares.

If there is one thing we love to do, it’s to provide our faithful readers with the best travel information out there, especially when it comes to giving our tips for booking budget airfares. So we have put together some of our best tips yet where this content is concerned. Here are some great ideas for doing this:

Check on airfare deals early – not only should you check out the deals, you should do this fairly often. The average savings between the best value and the worst value on any particular flight is $236. That is a considerable savings when you think about it, so schedule time at least a couple of times a month (if not every week) to do this.

Get cheaper airfare by mixing and matching flights – basically, you can save money by booking one-way fares to and from your destination. Additionally, you can save money by booking your flights on two different airlines sometimes while other times booking on the same one. This “mix and match” mentality can be especially profitable when 1) you can save more money by booking with two different airlines or 2) there is either a convenient departure flight or return flight but not both.

Book cheap tickets; get the best price, with quick tips on budget air.

Ensure that you have all documents ready before you book your tickets. Price changes within minutes so don’t lose out on the best deal.

Know when to travel – knowing when to travel can influence how much you pay for your airline tickets. Obviously, Christmas, Spring Break, and Thanksgiving are not the cheapest times to fly. In most cases, the best deals are found during the months of February and March, or what the travel industry refers to as the “low” season.

Budget airline flies full-capacity as cheaper tickets, fully booked planes.

Budget airline might have lesser space, more people. You save on airfare; spend more on your vacation.

Some days may be more expensive than others – be especially careful when choosing the day of the week that your flight departs as it can adversely affect the price you pay for your tickets. You may use a host of websites to compare prices for travel on a specific day. More often than not, the prices vary. Thus, compare and save. Typically, the following applies where this is concerned:

  • Least expensive days – Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • Priced somewhere in between – Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays
  • Most expensive days – Fridays and Sundays

Timing is everything – your goal is to purchase those tickets when it makes the most sense, i.e. when you can SAVE the most MONEY!  You can save some serious cash when you go on your next vacation. Statistics prove that the best time to purchase those airline tickets is 7 weeks in advance of when you plan to depart. But be careful. You may have to pay more for booking your fare over 5 months ahead or too early and doing so too late or within 2 weeks. You’ll need to keep a tab on the prices a week or two before you actually book.

Do you have more tips to help fellow travelers? You can send in your suggestions, tips and more in the comments.

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