Jul 17, 2014
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Opaque Brings You the Unique “Dining in the Dark” Experience

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“Everybody eats food” how’s that for a strong opening sentence? (That’s why I’m on a payroll folks). Jokes aside, every restaurant wants to stand out. And since eating is regarded as a competitive sport, especially in the U.S. it’s only natural for eateries to try out new ways to get more customers in the door. Keeping that in mind, No, the following has not been concocted by a sentient god trying to traumatize Americans to change the fate of our species.

What is Opaque?
As mentioned earlier, restaurants are always on the lookout for that next big idea. And have tried almost every trick in the book, from putting pictures on the walls to distracting you from the lukewarm floor sweepings on your plate, to using sexy waitresses and even training their waiting staff in the arts of invisibility. Some high-end restaurants (ridiculously expensive restaurants) use art and architecture to their advantage, and ensure that the customer is intimidated enough not to complain about their beef steak being the size of an ice cube.

If you feel like adventure and exploration is a state of mind then you don’t really need to jump off an airplane or climb a rock, just train your mind to think differently…very differently. Imagine having to imagine what you’re about to put in your mouth.

Opaque Dining in the Dark, seats you in a room which is completely pitch black, and allows you to rely only on your senses, and the specially trained blind or visually impaired serving staff makes sure that you are in good hands while you experience this unforgettable and unique concept in fine dining.

Where are the Opaque Restaurants Located?
If you’re looking for a classy eatery, as in, getting a knife and fork with your burger and fries, then Opaque serves its customers with the best dining experience in all five of its destinations (L.A, San Francisco, New York, Dallas, and San Diego).

What Benefits can Dining in the Dark Offer a Customer?
Opaque is no flash-in-the-pan, the restaurant brings the unique experience of eating in the dark, which has totally swept through Europe and has now become a hit in America as well. One might feel a bit clumsy fumbling in the dark but after a while, one gets a hang of it, and it becomes something that you can laugh at the next day.

What’s on the Menu?
The quality of food here can be roughly compared to as being the same as decent home cooking. And the family friendly policies of Opaque makes sure that your steak is accompanied with pepper sauce minus the screams of other people’s children.

On the menu, you will find a bevy of dishes prepped by experienced chefs from all around the world. At $99 per person, visitors get to choose their appetizer, entrée and dessert. From vegetarian pasta to the fancy Filet Mignon, Opaque serves a variety of scintillating tastes, awesome salads, pretty good deserts (their lava cake is to die for) and an overall well-rounded menu ensures that your experience is not going to be just a one-time thing.

Cash is preferred, while Visa and MasterCard are both accepted at checkout as well.

Ending Note
A quick tip to roll off with is to take someone who is a good conversationalist, because there’s something about being in the dark that makes a person speak more.