Jun 17, 2014
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Quick Guide to Paris, France

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Paris, the City of Light, is a romantic place to visit in any season. This article is a quick guide to Paris, France. Including a short story, safety tips, romantic destinations, and hotels.

5 Romantic Things to Do in Paris, France

#5 Picnic Near the Eiffel Tower

Champ de Mars is the large grassy field near the Eiffel tower. Well, to call it a grassy field is not doing the area and nearby gardens justice. It’s a quaint spot always full of tourists snapping “selfies” with the famous Eiffel Tower as their back drop. The park and the Eiffel Tower are located in the 7th arrondissement. Champ de Mars is a beautiful area to enjoy a light lunch before you start touring Paris. Beware of random people selling wine or asking for money and food while enjoying your picnic.

#4 See a Show at Moulin Rouge

moulin rouge
Moulin Rouge was featured in the 2001 Australian–American romantic musical movie. The movie helped boost tourism for the already popular and famous venue. Moulin Rouge was founded in 1889 and is located in the district of Pigalle (18th arrondissement) on Boulevard de Clichy.

Moulin Rouge is easily recognizable by it’s sizeable windmill sitting atop the roof. Shows at Moulin Rouge include music and dance with flare. The venue started out with courtesans of all calibre in risqué outfits (at least by 1889 standards) dancing an offshoot of the quadrille known as the can-can.
Moulin Rouge is not perhaps most people’s description of traditionally romantic but it offers a very exciting night out for adults. The show is very “Vegas” until you realize that not one of the women performing has breast implants. Which can be refreshing. The shows are designed to be incredibly entertaining and full of hearty atmosphere. They keep the champagne flowing, the energy on the move, and venue itself is part of old world Paris.
moulin rougePhone: +33 (0)1 53 09 82 82Email: INFO@MOULINROUGE.FRMoulin Rouge Facebook

Visit Moulin Rouge website for tickets andshowtimes.

#3 Montmartre

Monmartre Desaraev Sacred Heart Basilica Scre ceur Paris
Montmartre Montmartre is an area in the 18th arrondissement (district) of Paris on the right bank. Montmartre Montmartre is an artsy area and one of the highest hills in Paris, offering an amazing view overlooking the city. Montmartre Montmartre is a short carriage ride away from Moulin Rouge, so you could easily shop the winding streets made famous by artists like Salvador Dali, Claude Monet, and Pablo Picasso then see a show that night at Moulin Rouge. Be sure to make transportation plans in advance, some of the Parisian public transportation is unavailable after midnight.

Sacré-Cœur (Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre)

The Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre in Paris is a beautiful place for photos, overlooking Paris, touring, or just sitting near the fountains. If you plan to tour the inside of the Basilica, wear comfy shoes. Getting to the top of the hill just to see the Basilica will be a workout, but it’s well worth it.

#2 Walk the Charles de Gaulle & See the Arc du Triomphe

Rain or shine Parisians and tourists will be out near the Arc du Triomphe. The Arc de Triomphe is located in the center of Place Charles de Gaulle, west of the Louvre museum, in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. The Avenue des Champs-Élysées (Elysian Fields – the same place blessed in Greek mythology) is full of upscale shops, dining, cinemas, and history. This area is known for being some of the most expensive real estate in the world.

#1 Dine Near the Arc du Triomphe

Arc du Triomphe

List of Places to Eat Nearby the Arc du Triomphe

  • AU ZEN GARDEN – Chinese Food
  • 15, rue Marbeuf – Paris 8ème
  • Restaurant Guy Savoy
  • L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon
  • Chez Clément – Elysées
  • Quick
  • Pierre Gagnaire
  • Nespresso Boutique
  • La Villa
  • Thai Siam
  • Starbucks

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