Jun 17, 2014
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Quick Guide to Paris, France

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Paris, the City of Light, is a romantic place to visit in any season. This article is a quick guide to Paris, France. Including a short story, safety tips, romantic destinations, and hotels.


Beware of thieves, especially near dusk (this is true in any city).  Many random people looking to steal something work in pairs. One will attempt to distract you while the other steals something from you. Keep close watch of your children, valuables, and money. It’s best to leave your passport and any other valuables locked up in your hotel room.


  • Wear a money belt.
  • Don’t wear flashy jewelry.
  • Your phone doesn’t even work in Europe, so leave the iPhone at home or in your hotel.
  • Use a shoulder or neck strap for expensive cameras and never leave it sitting anywhere.
  • Don’t go to shady areas after dark. If you do not know what areas have a propensity for crime, just don’t go out after dark.
  • If you plan to shop at luxury boutiques, carry a plane bag to hide your goodies in. Food bags are especially helpful for concealing your new Dior or Louis Vuitton merchandise. Walking around with a branded bag or snapping photos to show it off while touring the city could get you into trouble.
  • Central hotels cost more, but often have more security and transportation is easier to get to which is important if you’re out enjoying the attractions at night.

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