Feb 9, 2015
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15 Hottest Food Cities for 2015

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Though different regions and cities have their own individual cuisines, some are more popular than the rest. Here are 15 cities to consider.

Whether you are looking for bakeries, cafés, great desserts, restaurants, sidewalk bistros, or street markets, the world is your canvas. Though different regions and cities have their own individual cuisines, some are more popular than the rest. Here are 15 cities to consider for your future foodie travel agenda:

Bangkok, Thailand

Try a fabulous breakfast at the pier, a lunch buffet, or the traditional Thai cuisine for your evening meal. Rice and noodles liberally sprinkled with pork, meats, fish with chili sauce and soya sauces, are the mainstay of this cuisine.

Brussels, Belgium

Elegant bistros and brasseries abound, but no trip here is complete without experiencing Belgian chocolates. Variety of breads and cold cuts are popular.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina - 15 Hottest Food Cities for 2015

Street food is popular in Argentina. Roadside kiosks, sells coal-grilled meats and traditional roasted delicacies. Barbequed sausages, Choripan, and traditional bread wrapped hotdogs, Pancho are extremely popular.

This city is the place to buy beef dishes, especially at one of the more fashionable restaurants along the waterfront serving Argentine-Italian barbeque.

Hong Kong, China

This city is truly a feast for the senses whether dining at the food carts at the Temple Street Night Market or in one of the pedestrian alleyways.

Istanbul, Turkey

Long recognized as the bridge between Asia and Europe, experiencing Turkish homestyle cooking, kebabs, and stuffed turnovers along with their coffee is a must.

London, England

With incredible restaurants and world class chefs, London offers the traveling foodie one of the best restaurant cultures in the world. Multi-cuisine restaurants and cosmopolitan ambience dominates the scene.

Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India

As the culinary capital of Southwest Asia, the fish markets and restaurants here are incomparable. Enjoy a variety of traditional Indian food and savor the international cuisines as well.

New Orleans, USA

You can dine at Antoine’s (one of America’s oldest restaurants) or visit Lemon Grass for some fine French-Vietnamese fusion.

New York City, USA

Being the former melting pot of diverse cultures, this is still reflected in the different cuisines to be found here in NYC. There is something for every palette.

Oaxaca, Mexico

The traditional breakfast buffet is a must, but there are always the custom mole sauces and sweet treats worth experiencing as well. Don’t miss the tacos and Pozoles.

Paris, France

From elegant dining, exquisite cheeses, and wine bars to baguettes, bistros, and bountiful markets, it’s all here in the French capital city.

Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy - 15 Hottest Food Cities for 2015

Picturesque and tantalizing, Rome is home to cafes and bistros. Set amidst medieval architecture and old streets, cafes are popular for latte, coffees, delicious pastries and bakes. Perfect for breakfast to supper, these cafes dot the city.

Experiencing classic Roman cuisine is a must for any foodie. Try the Pizza Bianca, Carbonara, Quinto Quarto and then follow-it up with a gelato from a street vendor for dessert.

San Francisco, USA

From the fisherman’s wharf area to the bars and the farmer’s markets to the trendy restaurants, you’ll have lots of dining decisions to make in SF.

Sydney, Australia

Nothing compares to the produce and seafood markets found here but there is also a great deal of Japanese and Thai influence worthy of note.

Tokyo, Japan

Cruise the fish market for a sushi breakfast or purchase some cooking supplies for home. There is also a bit of French influence here.

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